Weather and news arrive in the Windows 10 taskbar

After test it with insiders, Microsoft adds a new News & Interests feature on Windows 10. In short, the tool creates a shortcut on the taskbar that allows you to check the weather, as well as keep up to date with the latest news, sports scores and stock prices. Tap a story to open it in a browser. You can also save an article for later reading and share it if you want. What you won’t see in the feed, at least not yet, are ads.

Of course, you can change the selection of topics you see in your feed, as well as the posts Windows uses to find articles. Additionally, you have some flexibility in how the icon appears on your taskbar. It’s also possible to turn off the feature if you don’t want to see everything.

By adding news and interests to the taskbar, Microsoft says it’s trying to hit a handful of goals. First, it wants to make it easier to find relevant and high-quality news content. Plus, the way the business sees it, most people already have a routine where they constantly check on what’s going on in the world throughout the day. So why not make this process more transparent? Including a way to check the weather through Windows has also been something people have been asking for for some time.

Microsoft plans to start rolling out News & Interests to the Windows taskbar in the coming weeks. He says he’s taking a “phased and measured approach,” with full deployment expected to take several months.

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