What you need to know about New York City’s new vaccine proof

The larger plan also includes vaccination incentives like $ 100 debit cards. “The goal here is to convince everyone that now is the time,” said de Blasio.

How it will work: To see a Broadway show, eat indoors at a restaurant, or use a gym, you will need to prove that you have received at least one dose of a covid vaccine. (It won’t be needed for essentials, like groceries.) Acceptable proof will include the State Excelsior Pass (which has faced a range of glitches and equity issues), as well as a new app released by the city, NYC Covid Safe. A paper card issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will also work. The requirement applies to both customers and employees of these places.

Some details are still uneven. For example, it is unclear how the plan will work for children under 12, who are not yet eligible for vaccination. (De Blasio said more information will be released in mid-August.) It’s also unclear how site operators and workers will handle the burden of checking everyone out. The NYC Hospitality Alliance said in a report that the new requirement would be “a very difficult and controversial step for some”. For other businesses, this will be a good way to enforce policies that be volunteer.

The app for that: the NYC Covid Safe app offers less functionality than the state app and does not connect directly to immunization records. Instead, it just stores an image of a vaccine folder. This makes it an easier tool for people whose immunization records are stored out of state, as the U.S. vaccine databases are not centralized nationally. But Albert Fox Cahn, who studies vaccine passports as executive director of the Surveillance Technology Oversight Project, points out some drawbacks. Since the city app basically just stores a photo, it accept just about anything as vaccine proof, making it remarkably easy to falsify credentials. “It’s confusing to me that they go to all that effort to fundamentally reinvent the camera,” says Cahn.

S. Mitra Kalita, who founded the covid resource Epicenter-NYC, says that while policies may be needed to tackle the delta variant, new technologies should not undermine the broader goal of helping more people get vaccinated. “We still meet people who don’t know that vaccines are free,” she says. “An app is one thing. We need a lot [other] things right now.

The overview: The United States faced a rocky path when it comes to vaccination applications and mandates. Many states have banned proof requirements outright. But there is a deep divide: San Francisco now has an alliance of hundreds of bars which require such proof. More employers have started to demand vaccines in recent days, including companies as disparate as Disney, Google and Tyson.

Other countries, like France and Italy, have suffered repercussions to recent terms of office. Great Britain debated such a move. Israel canceled and then relaunched his “green pass. “(The Ada Lovelace Institute has a good list.)

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