Whoop 4.0 Fitness Tracking Wearable: specs, price, release date

Ask people if They’ve heard of the Whoop wearable activity tracker and they’ll either stare blankly at you or say they couldn’t workout, sleep, or live without it. It’s a wearable wrist aimed at fitness fanatics – pro and college athletes, CrossFitters and weekend warriors – and it stands out for several reasons. For one thing, the only way to get a portable Whoop is to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. Subscription fees. And second, one of its signature features is that it tells wearers how much physical load they can take on any given day.

You might not think this business model would be worth $ 3.6 billion. But some investors – and an undisclosed number of subscribers – seem to think Whoop is a big whoop. Today, the Boston-based company is expanding its product line and launching into “smart” clothing: the Whoop module which is normally worn on the wrist has been redesigned so that it can also be attached to the brand’s sportswear. Whoop. The new Whoop, which the company has dubbed Whoop 4.0, is also the first consumer product on the market to come with a new type of supercharged lithium-silicon battery.

“Smart clothing” has already struggled to gain traction, and when it comes to wrist-specific clothing, Apple dominates this market. But Whoop thinks its combination of continuous health monitoring and new “Any-Wear” technology, which is supposed to determine where on the body you wear your Whoop and adjust your data tracking accordingly, will set it apart in a sea of ​​tracking. . technology.

“We’ve long believed that wearable technology should be cool or invisible. These are the only two paradigms we want to develop on, ”says Will Ahmed, co-founder and CEO of Whoop. “In terms of ‘cool’, this is an area that we have focused a lot on historically, which makes it something you can dress up or dress up. But “invisible” is: “How to make it disappear? “”

Buyers may also notice that their dollars disappear when they factor in a $ 24 per month subscription to Whoop’s fitness tracking software platform – the hardware is included – and the cost of new clothes from Whoop. Whoop, which includes $ 69 in boxers, a $ 79 sports bra, and $ 109 leggings. But serious sportspeople who are used to paying top dollar for fitness clothing might not look at these costs. (And if they blinked, Whoop would definitely follow him.)

Track star

The new Whoop fitness tracker can be worn in a bracelet on your wrist like before, or it can slip into one of the company’s new pieces of workout clothing like these leggings.

Photography: COUPE

Whoop tracks heart rate variability, resting heart rate, respiratory rate, and sleep. The new Whoop 4.0 sensor module still follows all of the above, but it is 33% smaller than the third-generation Whoop, Ahmed explains. This is part of what makes the Whoop clothing line possible: the device had to be small enough to fit comfortably in clothing pockets. It also needs to fit snugly against the skin, so that there is a “good match between the sensor and your skin” and precise data can be captured, says John Capodilupo, another co-founder and chief technology officer of the company. ‘business.

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