Why Elon Musk’s First Loop Is And Isn’t As Dumb As You Think

Few things in 2021 could unite the internet in condemnation as much as The Boring Company’s new project in Las Vegas. (Aside from the European Super League, and who saw people parading the streets, they called it a bad idea 48 hours later.) Dig tunnels several miles long so that cars can carry people through them. two-way seems to be a costly and costly project. when there are so many simpler options. Just because it sounds silly, however, doesn’t mean it’s silly (although it clearly is) in the context.

Rather than poking fun at all the blatantly mocking things about it, let’s take a quick tour of why officials voted 13-1 to fund this project. And let’s look at the obvious benefits that pushing traffic underground can have on the built environment. Not to mention the specific burdens the Las Vegas Convention Center is trying to address in a post-COVID world. It is only when we have done all of this that we can be sure to say that it is silly, and it is.

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