Xbox Cloud Gaming Beta Comes to iOS and Windows PCs

You might not have to wait to try out Xbox game streaming on your computer or Apple devices. Microsoft has revealed that it will begin inviting “select” Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to try the beta of Cloud Gaming on iPad, iPhone and Windows 10 PC starting April 20. You’ll need to use Chrome, Edge, or Safari rather than a native app, but you can use custom touch input if you can’t play with a Bluetooth or USB gamepad.

Further invitations will be issued “on an ongoing basis” to players in the 22 countries where game streams are an option. You should see expanded hardware support over time, Microsoft said. The tech giant also planned for swift updates and hoped to make wider support available to all Game Pass Ultimate members in the coming months.

It won’t be exciting if you were hoping for a native app – Apple’s Game Streaming Policy is partly to blame for this. However, this greatly expands the reach of Microsoft’s cloud gaming service and makes Game Pass Ultimate much more compelling if you want to play Xbox titles on multiple devices.

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