Xbox June update adds voice chat functionality

Xbox June update is here, and Microsoft has detailed the latest software tweaks Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S users can expect to try on their consoles. To begin with, the company officially implemented the speech transcription and text-to-speech tools it launched. tests with Xbox Insiders in May. Now that they are part of the Xbox operating system, you can find both features in the “ease of access” configuration tab under “game and chat transcript”. With speech-to-text transcription, your Xbox will transcribe and display what your group says on an adjustable overlay. With text-to-speech, meanwhile, a synthetic voice will read whatever you type in the group chat.

“At Team Xbox, we believe gaming should be inclusive, accessible and accessible to everyone,” the company said. “This includes making it easy for players to play and communicate with each other.”


Parents, on the other hand, will find that they have more control over who their children can play with online. If your little one has an Xbox kid account, they’ll have the option to ask for your permission to play cross-platform games like Minecraft with people who play it on other online gaming services. You can approve or deny these requests through the Xbox Family Settings app or the console itself. Microsoft has also changed the Xbox Groups feature, which lets you create lists of your favorite games and apps. You can now rearrange your groups as you see fit.

Apart from these tweaks, Microsoft updated the Xbox app on Android and iOS to add Stories-like functionality. Over the next month or so, you’ll start seeing official posts for your favorite games. Like with Instagram, you can like, share, and comment on them.

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