YouTube adds more video quality settings to its mobile apps

is rolling out an update for its iOS and Android apps that expands the number of video quality options available to you. The “higher image quality” setting will make the videos as sharp as possible. However, it will absorb more data than the other options. On the other hand, the “data saver” setting will help you expand your data allocation, but it comes with the trade-off of lower visual fidelity.

These settings join some of the existing settings. “Auto”, surprisingly enough, automatically adjusts the video quality according to the speed of your Internet connection. You can also manually select the resolution , but you will have to do this for each video you watch. There is no global setting for a specific resolution in applications.

YouTube added the video quality settings as a server-side update, according to You won’t necessarily need to install the latest version of the app to access it, but it’s worth doing anyway for optimal performance.

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