YouTube is testing time-stamped SoundCloud comments

Youtube has begun trial a new feature that lets you quickly view “timed exactly when you watch in a video” comments on mobile. The website has long allowed you to link to any part of a video you want just by typing the current timestamp in your comment. As Android Police Note, however, this experiment gives YouTube a functionality similar to SoundCloud, where users can see comments related to specific parts of a song as tick marks on the scrobble bar.

Also, it is quite similar to how the replayed chat section in a YouTube Live video works if you watch it after the stream is finished. This feature can help you find the most exciting or interesting parts of what you’re watching based on what people are saying. Since timed comments are only an experiment at this point, YouTube only enabled them for certain videos and only gave access to a small number of people. Whether the feature is widely released or not depends on the feedback the team receives from the testers.

To find out if you’ve been chosen as the tester for the experimental feature, open the comments section of a video on Android or iOS. Hit the Sort button on the right side of the section and check if you have the option “Scheduled Beta” with “Top Comments” and “Most Recent First”.

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